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Hair is one of the aesthetic aspects that is directly reflected on the general appearance and increases the person’s presence and self-confidence, especially in the youth stage in which the individual seeks to dress up and reach the perfection of appearance as much as possible. Its natural condition is due to multiple factors that all lead to its fall and thus expand the empty areas of the head greatly, and medical preparations and medicines are unable to treat it here. Active follicles from the hair to the empty areas so that the person enjoys thick and healthy hair after the recovery period

The balance of the hair transplantation process:

  • a completely safe process

the hair transplantation process is carried out without chemical or drug intervention. Active hair follicles are transferred from the person himself and re-implanted in the areas without causing any damage to the scalp and does not affect the person in any way.

  • A process with 100% natural results

that results in a healthy and natural appearance, undoubtedly, with a feeling that raises self-confidence and restores the hair’s natural appearance again

  • Aging and treated completely

Aging and treated completely naturally after the passage of time and the recommended period for the care of the cultured follicles

  • Saving expenses with a permanent solution:

 a feasible and permanent solution with reasonable cost, which is what the person is looking for in such cases, especially since the objective treatments and preparations are temporary and cost a lot of money and do not give the desired results.

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Frequently asked questions about hair transplantation:

the brief stages that a person goes through during the hair transplant process?
  • anesthesia stage.
  • Extraction of follicles.
  • Separation of follicles or slices.
  • The stage of follicle cultivation.
What are the steps taken during the hair transplant process?
  • Inspection: is the stage of diagnosis and defining the operation plan with the supervising doctor.
  • Preparation for the operation: It includes the stage of preparing the patient for the transplantation process by determining the area of ​​hair extraction and anesthetizing it.
  • Extracting the follicles: It is the stage of extracting the follicles to be replanted from the back of the head and transferring them to the targeted areas.
  • Opening the channels: It is the stage in which channels are opened in the same direction as the hair of the head for the cultivation of the extracted follicles.
  • Follicle transplantation: The transplantation process is carried out within the designated cultivation channels in the same direction as the hair of the head.
  • After the operation: It is the stage of cleaning the head and making plasma or laser, and it is the next day after the completion of the transplantation.
  • Head washing: The stage of washing the head takes place for 15 days after the procedure, as it is carried out according to the instructions to contribute to the speed of recovery of the area and the fall of the formed crust.
  •  مرحلة غسيل الرأس تتم لمدة 15 يومًا بعد إجراء العملية حيث تتم وفقًا للإرشادات للمساهمة في سرعة تعافى المنطقة وتساقط القشرة المتكونة.
Who can perform a hair transplant?

People aged 18 and over can undergo hair transplant for a variety of reasons:

  • People with a hereditary diagnosis.
  • People with partial hair loss in some areas of the scalp.
  • For women who want to lower their hair on the forehead line or have a significant lunge on the front hairline.

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